Top 5 Best Double Decker Pontoon Boats

double decker pontoon boat

With their flat decks over an inflatable tube, Pontoon boats have long been a popular option for water enthusiasts looking for a way to take leisurely cruises with family and friends. They offer stability, maneuverability, and plenty of space for people and gear. But like all things, pontoon boats have undergone quite an evolution over the years.

Modern pontoon boat designs have elevated the experience quite literally! Double-decker pontoon boats are rising in popularity, with a second level that often houses a sun deck or a slide, providing two times the fun. Now, you’re not just relaxing on the water; you’re sliding into it from your personal, floating water park.

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1. Avalon Catalina Platinum Funship

Classified amongst the luxury lines of pontoon boats, the Avalon Catalina Platinum Funship is not just a pontoon boat but an embodiment of sophistication and luxury. With an impressive span of 29 feet, this beauty is designed to host large groups, easily accommodating up to 17 passengers.

Detailed Features

◉ One of the definitive features of the Avalon Catalina Platinum Funship is the water slide. This isn’t just a fun addition and a feature that truly elevates the boating experience. Adults and children alike can enjoy some exhilarating moments plunging into the cooling waters.

◉ A sundeck can be found on this boat, which is a splendid spot to accommodate sun-seekers onboard. On a clear day, this place is perfect for sunbathing, reading a good book, or just unwinding as the boat gently sways to the rhythm of the waves.

◉ This boat includes a double-wide lounge to ensure you can entertain your guests lavishly. A critical component for creating a social setting, the stylish lounge allows your guests to sit back, relax, and enjoy meaningful conversations amidst the scenic backdrop.

◉ The storage center is another ingenious feature of this pontoon boat. This component is not just about storing personal belongings; it also comes with built-in speakers. Music lovers can keep their party alive with a soundtrack of their choice, enhancing the overall atmosphere onboard the Avalon Catalina Platinum Funship.


With a superb range of features housed within its stylish frame, the Avalon Catalina Platinum Funship commences at a starting price of $91,120. Transparent about its exclusive price tag, this boat delivers the assurance of unforgettable memories and unmatched luxury.

2. Tahoe Cascade Platinum Funship

Being one of the high-end pontoon boats, the Tahoe Cascade Platinum Funship demonstrates the perfect balance between entertainment and comfort. Offered in two size variants: 25-foot or a larger 27-foot, this double-decker can hold up to 15 passengers for either size.

Detailed Features

◉ Unique to the Tahoe Cascade Platinum Funship is a slide that’s equipped with a water pump. This water slide guarantees unlimited fun and cools off its passengers as they slide into the refreshingly crisp water.

◉ The boat presents a double-wide sundeck that provides ample space to catch some rays and gaze into the azure skyline. It adds a sheer touch of relaxation for passengers, allowing them to get the perfect tan or just revel in the tranquility of the open waters.

◉ Adding to the distinctive design elements is a double-wide lounge. Well-crafted and spacious, the lounge becomes an ideal spot for engaging in casual chit-chat, a quick snack, or simply watching over the water and the shifting landscapes.

◉ Furnishing comfort is a priority in the Tahoe Cascade Platinum Funship. It showcases soft-touch vinyl seats that add an extra touch of refinement and relaxation for everyone onboard.

◉ It also features built-in trash cans that enable easy cleanup after parties or meals, keeping the boat clean, which is an important aspect of a pleasant cruising experience.

◉ To make your evenings more enjoyable, mood lighting has been incorporated into the design, creating a soothing ambiance as you sail under the starry sky.


The Tahoe Cascade Platinum Funship, with its diverse list of unique features, brings the price to $67,000. A testament to its quality and craft, this pontoon boat assures a memorable maritime journey.

3. Premier Escalante

Enthroned as a complete recreational watercraft, the Premier Escalante is loaded with functionality and fun. It impresses with its extended length of 31 feet and an incredible capacity to hold up to 20 passengers.

Detailed Features

◉ Housing an enticing water slide, Premier Escalante adds a layer of adventure and thrill to your boating experience. It gives the passengers a quick and fun way to hit the water and cool off after soaking up in the sun.

◉ A wet bar, a grill, and a refrigerator underscore the boat’s focus on entertainment. Whether you want a refreshing drink, a tasty barbecue, or to store your fresh catches, all the facilities are at your disposal.

◉ Adding to the entertainment quota, there’s a sink and a stereo system installed. You can wash off your hands or dance to your favorite tunes, creating your own floating party hub.

◉ For sun lovers, there is a sun deck where one can lie down, relax, and enjoy the panoramic view of the setting sun.


The Premier Escalante’s impressive array of features comes with a starting MSRP of $150,000. Its price directly reflects its value, ensuring a fun-filled and luxurious atmosphere on all your boating trips.

4. Jungle Float Sport

The Jungle Float Sport stands out as a uniquely innovative double-decker pontoon boat. It’s the first of its kind in the world to incorporate a trampoline and water slide on a single craft. Despite being smaller in size at 24 feet, it comfortably accommodates up to 10 passengers, making it the perfect choice for small groups and families.

Detailed Features

◉ A feature that isn’t usually found in pontoon boats, a 26-foot water slide provides an adventurous and enjoyable ride straight into the water. It’s a fun and exciting way to amp up the energy and pleasure on your boat trip.

◉ The trampoline is another standout feature that doubles as a cot by night. A day of jumping and bouncing on the water transitions smoothly into a cozy resting spot under the stars.

◉ A spacious seating area further enhances the pleasure of spending time on the Jungle Float Sport. Whether it’s to catch your breath after bouts on the trampoline or simply take in the cool ocean breeze, this area provides a comfortable space for relaxation.


With a lightweight and affordable design that is easy to transport and finance, the Jungle Float Sport starts at a price of $36,000. Catering to both your thrill-seeking and relaxation needs, this unique pontoon boat offers an experience unlike any other.

5. Solid Craft Funship

The Solid Craft Funship combines simplicity with versatility to deliver a unique experience. With a length of 24-foot, and the capacity to accommodate up to 12 passengers, this pontoon boat offers a compact yet comfortable setting for your boating adventures.

Detailed Features

◉ The Solid Craft Funship features a water slide that ensures your time on the boat is filled with non-stop fun. Sliding into the cool, refreshing water becomes an integral part of your boating experience.

◉ A sun deck provides a perfect place to bask under the sun, laze around with a book or a drink, and exhale as the world moves gently by.

◉ Unlike other pontoon boats, the Solid Craft Funship leaves plenty of open space for you to bring your beach chairs and accessories. The layout is quite accommodating and flexible, enabling you to arrange or rearrange things as per your comfort and requirements.

Starting Price

Explicitly designed to withstand varying water conditions, the long-lasting, low-maintenance Solid Craft Funship rolls out a starting price of $25,000. It’s an investment in durable design and a fun-filled, relaxing experience.

Choosing the Perfect Double-decker Pontoon Boat

Size and Passenger Capacity

Determining the right size of your pontoon boat largely depends on the number of people that it will typically accommodate. Be it for family gatherings or a small, closed group of friends; your passenger number is directly proportional to the size of your double-decker pontoon boat.


From a water slide to a stereo system to a wide lounge – the features of a pontoon boat can vary drastically. Having a set of preferred features in mind will help you narrow down your choices.


Your budget plays an essential role in your decision-making process. While some people might prefer a boat with elaborate setups and gadgets that come at a higher price, others may just want a simple vessel for peaceful sojourns on the water.

Maintenance and Durability

The longevity of a pontoon boat often relies on the upkeep and the weather conditions it can endure. Some boats are designed to withstand harsher conditions, while others may require more delicate handling.

double decker pontoon boat

Final Thoughts

Choosing a double-decker pontoon boat marks the start of a series of adventures on the water. Remember, your perfect pontoon boat is one that aligns with your lifestyle, preferences, and budget.

As you venture on this journey, each of the boats listed above brings its unique flavor of fun and luxury ensuring that your days on the water are filled with unforgettable experiences.


What should be my priority when choosing a double-decker pontoon boat?

 While different individuals may have varying preferences, generally, passenger capacity, features, price, and durability should be considered when making a decision.

Are double-decker pontoon boats more expensive than single-deck ones? 

Yes. The extra deck and additional features typically make double-decker pontoon boats more expensive.

Is maintenance of a double-decker pontoon boat hard?

 The difficulty in maintenance depends on the boat’s features and build quality. However, regular cleaning and periodic checks are usually sufficient.

Do I need a special license to operate a double-decker pontoon boat?

Licensing rules can vary from place to place. It’s best to check with local maritime authorities or the company from where you

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