11 Best Small Pontoon Boats

Best Small Pontoon Boats

Small pontoon boats are exceptional watercraft that combine practicality with pleasure. They might appear humble in size, yet they pack in all the fun and functionality of their larger counterparts. Whether for a peaceful day of fishing, a heartwarming family outing, or simply a serene exploration of a water body, these compact vessels are your trusty companions.

Now, it’s crucial to remember that all small pontoon boats aren’t crafted equal – they each have a unique charm and set of features. This brings us to our exciting journey today, where we’re all set to discover some of the best small pontoon boats that offer some of the best experiences out there. – Let’s get started.

Understanding the Key Features of Pontoon Boats

While each pontoon boat holds its unique charm, a few key features are common to all. The optimal blend of these features will ensure you make an informed decision:

  1. Weight – Determines the strength of the motor required
  2. Size – Impacts maneuverability and storage
  3. Capacity – A vital factor in a fun family outing or a wild party
  4. Cost – Your chosen boat should align with your budget
  5. Material – Aluminum and Fiberglass are popular choices due to their durability
  6. Unique Features – Specific amenities offered by the boat model, from seating arrangements to fishing kits.
small pontoon boat

Now that we’ve laid out the groundwork let’s jump right into the heart of the matter: our curated list of the top 11 small pontoon boats based on the considerations above.

1. Bennington SX 16

Let’s start our list with the Bennington SX 16. A total package of elegance and power, this pontoon boat is bound to leave you in awe with its sleek design and thrilling performance.

Key Features of Bennington SX 16

  • Weight: 3,500 lbs
  • Size: 16′ 4″
  • Capacity: 8-10 people
  • MSRP: $28,000+
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Features: Sleek design, comfortable furniture, optional Bimini top for shade, impressive storage space, powerful engine options.

The SX 16 by Bennington is a perfect blend of strength and style. Carrying up to 10 passengers, the boat prides itself on its sleek design and plentiful features. These include an optional Bimini top, ample storage, and versatile engine options. Priced at a starting MSRP of $28,000, this boat provides a comprehensive pontoon experience.

2. Lowe SS 160

Next up is the Lowe SS 160. This boat proves that good things do indeed come in small packages. It provides a nimble and economical alternative that doesn’t compromise on essentials.

Key Features of Lowe SS 160

  • Weight: 3,200 lbs
  • Size: 16′
  • Capacity: 8 people
  • MSRP: $18,000+
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Features: Affordable option, versatile layout with removable furniture, live well for fishing, swim platform for easy water access.

The Lowe SS 160 is the embodiment of function and flexibility. Its weight and size make it easily maneuverable, and its capacity of 8 people makes it perfect for a day out on the water with family and friends. Starting at an MSRP of $18,000, this affordable option doesn’t scrimp on benefits, such as removable furniture and a live well for anglers in your crew.

3. Harris Sunliner 180

Get ready for an experience of pure luxury with the Harris Sunliner 180. This pontoon boat is the embodiment of sophistication on water.

Key Features of Harris Sunliner 180

  • Weight: 4,200 lbs
  • Size: 18′
  • Capacity: 10 people
  • MSRP: $25,000+
  • Material: Fiberglass
  • Features: Luxurious amenities, plush seating, wet bar, optional head compartment, smooth handling.

The heavier build of Harris Sunliner 180 channels stability and affordance of greater amenities. The cost, while on the higher end, is justified by the superb traits it endows. The plush seating arrangements, wet bar, and optional head compartment elevate the cruising experience to a whole new level.

Furthermore, despite the luxurious additions, it does not compromise on its handling. It glides with an ease that rarely matches its extravagance!

4. Manitou Legacy 160

Ready for cutting-edge design and unparalleled stability? Meet the Manitou Legacy 160. It’s a boat that’s as fun to drive as it is to dwell in with your folks.

Key Features of Manitou Legacy 160

  • Weight: 3,800 lbs
  • Size: 16′ 6″
  • Capacity: 8 people
  • MSRP: $30,000+
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Features: Innovative “ToonTech” hull for stability, convertible furniture configurations, ample storage compartments, and integrated cooler.

Making waves with its pioneering “ToonTech” hull, Manitou Legacy 160 ensures stability like no other. The cleverly convertible furniture keeps room for spontaneity on your aquatic adventures.

Its copious storage compartments and integrated cooler make it an ideal choice for picnickers who pack not just sandwiches but also spirit! Available at an MSRP starting at $30,000, it deftly combines fun, function, and feel-good factor.

5. Premier Eclipse 160

Are you game for a pontoon that has a flair for sporting spirit? Please welcome the Premier Eclipse 160 aboard!

Key Features of Premier Eclipse 160

  • Weight: 3,600 lbs
  • Size: 16′
  • Capacity: 8 people
  • MSRP: $22,000+
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Features: Sporty design, optional ski pylon, comfortable lounge pad, built-in cooler, durable construction.

Premier Eclipse 160 sure knows how to up the game. Its sporty design is accompanied by an optional ski pylon for extreme water sports enthusiasts. The comfortable lounge pad promises a relaxing retreat. The built-in cooler ensures your refreshments are always at hand during a hot day. With a price starting at $22,000, it is a dynamic choice for thrill-seekers.

6. Sylvan Mirage 820

Fostering family bonds or throwing the best lake parties? Whatever your calling, the Sylvan Mirage 820 is a versatile companion and certainly a crowd favorite.

Key Features of Sylvan Mirage 820

  • Weight: 3,400 lbs
  • Size: 17′ 4″
  • Capacity: 8 people
  • MSRP: $20,000+
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Features: Family-friendly layout, convertible seating, swim platform with ladder, optional Bimini top, and fuel-efficient engine options.

The family-friendly layout of the Sylvan Mirage 820 spells comfort and convenience. The option for convertible seating never lets monotony set in, and the swim platform with a ladder is a hit among the kids!

It checks the boxes for shade and sustainability too, with an optional Bimini top and fuel-efficient engine. Starting at an MSRP of $20,000, this pontoon boat is a great blend of comfort and innovation.

7. Crestliner 170 LSF

Fishing has never been this fun! The Crestliner 170 LSF, with its fishing-focused design, ensures you never return empty-handed from your marine adventures.

Key Features of Crestliner 170 LSF

  • Weight: 3,800 lbs
  • Size: 17′
  • Capacity: 8 people
  • MSRP: $24,000+
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Features: Fishing-focused design, livewell, rod holders, spacious deck, comfortable seating, durable construction.

Designed considering the angler-at-heart, Crestliner 170 LSF exceeds expectations with its inherent fishing-friendly features. The spacious deck, the live well, and the special rod holders ensure that your fishing trip is a successful venture.

The comfortable seating elevates the fishing experience, keeping fatigue at bay. Priced at a starting MSRP of $24,000, this sturdy pontoon boat offers you the charm of angling combined with comfort and durability.

8. Princecraft Vectra 16 RL Pontoon Boat

The Princecraft Vectra 16 RL Pontoon Boat combines simplicity and functionality. It’s an ideal pick for those who love the basics, packed with utility.

Key Features of Princecraft Vectra 16 RL

  • Weight: 3,500 lbs
  • Size: 16′ 2″
  • Capacity: 8 people
  • MSRP: $21,000+
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Features: Simple yet functional layout, comfortable seating, ample storage, optional Bimini top, affordable price point.

The Princecraft Vectra 16 RL scores high on functionality without being too hard on your pocket, making it an affordable choice with an MSRP starting at $21,000.

The layout is straightforward and practical, fully equipped with comfy seats and sufficient storage room to carry all your essentials. The optional Bimini top provides shade, proving that the Vectra 16 RL Pontoon Boat doesn’t compromise on comfort.

9. Avalon Vista 175

Offering comfort and class, the Avalon Vista 175 is designed for those who enjoy life’s little luxuries even when they are offshore.

Key Features of Avalon Vista 175

  • Weight: 3,700 lbs
  • Size: 17′ 5″
  • Capacity: 8 people
  • MSRP: $23,000+
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Features: Stylish design, comfortable furniture with cup holders, integrated cooler.

The Avalon Vista 175’s stylish design might catch your eye first, but it certainly doesn’t stop there. With seating so plush, comfort is a guarantee. Do you like sipping on your favorite beverage while cruising?

The boat offers fancy furniture with integrated cup holders for that! Available at an MSRP starting at $23,000, this boat guarantees robustness and relaxation in one package.

10. Sea-Doo Switch 16

Sea-Doo’s revolutionary approach is boldly manifested in its Switch 16 model. This pontoon boat breaks away from traditional norms and is perfect for those seeking novelty and innovation.

Key Features of Sea-Doo Switch 16

  • Weight: 3,100 lbs
  • Size: 16′
  • Capacity: 8 people
  • MSRP: $26,000+
  • Material: Rotomolded polyethylene
  • Features: Innovative modular deck system, customizable seating arrangements, removable swim platform, easy-to-use jet propulsion, fuel efficiency.

Sea-Doo Switch 16 turns heads with its distinctive modular deck system, which allows customizable seating arrangements, enriching your on-water experience. You can even remove the swim platform as per your needs.

The advanced jet propulsion makes sailing a breeze while also being fuel-efficient. With an MSRP beginning at $26,000, it brings a new wave in the world of pontoon boats.

11. Pure Watercraft Elevate 14

Last but certainly not least, we have the Pure Watercraft Elevate 14. This boat is the ticket to environmentally conscious pontoon boating, making no compromises to provide a fantastic boating experience.

Key Features of Pure Watercraft Elevate 14

  • Weight: 2,800 lbs
  • Size: 14′
  • Capacity: 6 people
  • MSRP: $35,000+
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Features: Eco-friendly electric powertrain, quiet operation, spacious deck layout, convertible seating, swim platform with ladder.

Pure Watercraft Elevate 14 brings the green revolution on deck with its eco-friendly electric powertrain. No more noise pollution – enjoy peace on the tranquil waters with its noteworthy quiet operation.

The roomy deck layout and convertible seating adapt to your needs while the swim platform with a ladder adds to the day’s fun. With an MSRP of $35,000+, this environmentally conscious choice provides a guilt-free and pleasurable pontoon boating escape.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the perfect pontoon boat is no small task, given the wide range of promising candidates. Still, rest assured, whether it’s the sleek Bennington SX 16, the sporty Premier Eclipse 160, or the eco-friendly Pure Watercraft Elevate 14, you’re bound to find one that thrills your heart and suits your lifestyle.

Remember, while every pontoon boat brings something unique to the table, the best one for you depends on how well it aligns with your personal preferences, needs, and budget.

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